Things you MUST Consider when chooising a Web Hosting Provider

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Published: 29th June 2012
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1. The first thing you should ask yourself before you choose a web host is, "what do you want to do online? Do you want it for personal use or for your friends and family? Do you want a website for your business? Do you plan on selling products online or do you want to create an online classifieds site? Free web hosting companies will typically do well for personal use. But if you mean business and want to be seen and make some money you will need a paid web hosting service that offers more features.

2. Do they provide an easy free site builder system, preferably a drag and drop site builder? To help you create a professional website in the fastest time possible. But be aware that most Site Builders provided by hosting companies are usually the lite free versions, you may have to pay a little extra for a more robust system. Most drag and drop site builders often don't allow your site to be moved to another host. Most hosts provide an HTML code editor if you prefer.

3. Do they have cPanel, or a proprietary system like vDeck, that will let you set up your own blog or forum with a few clicks, install other free scrips, email accounts, does it support custom cron jobs?? (cPanel, vDeck, like others, is just a control panel system that lets users access the files and website without knowing how to use ftp -file transfer protocol.)

4. It's is always best to go with a web host that provides unlimited Unlimited Disk Space | Unlimited Bandwidth | Unlimited emails accounts | Unlimited MySQL Databases | Unlimited domains. These services are essential to have as your business grows. For example unlimited email accounts can help you stay in touch with your visitors and potential customers. Using also looks more professional and official. All the top ten rated sites on which is reference for this article, has unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, unlimited databases and free domain name.

5. Ensure they have unlimited FTP access, especially if you have a lot of files and large files to transfer to the host servers as this is much more efficient. All the web host included in the top ten list above have unlimited FTP access. Using an online manager takes a lot longer when transferring large amounts of data. FTP provides more flexibility when managing your website. For the non-techies, always look out for a host that provides a good online manager, too.

6. I can't emphasize enough how important good customer service is for a great hosting experience. It does not matter how many features they offer, or how reliable they are some problems will arise and you need to know that customer service is knowledgeable and available 24/7 by live chat, telephone and email as well as lots of help pages and FAQ pages is vital. Avoid a host that has a reputation for poor quality customer service. Check out their average response time and their true uptime guarantee. This is also an important criteria used to select the top rated web hosting providers on

7. The web host should offer the ability to make transactions with a secure server with https:// capability because your potential customers will expect it. Security is of paramount importance to your customer. This is only important if you are considering building an e-commerce website. An alternative to the expense and technical issues involved in https (known as an SSL Certificate) is to use a payment gateway such as PayPal or Google Checkout. Both provide secure pages without technical skills. Some host offer free daily security scans for viruses and malware and some like iPage offer free site lock protection.

8. Shared or dedicated? Understand what kind of hosting you are buying and what you need. Most small to medium web sites (up to a few thousand visitors a day) do fine with inexpensive "shared hosting." Large and active web sites with more than 10gb of files and tens of thousands or more visitors per day deserve "dedicated hosting," meaning they are the only web site on the server. It may be best to go with a host that also offers Dedicated hosting, so it is easier to upgrade from shared hosting as your business grows, without having to transfer to a different host which can be painful.

9. Know the difference between a Windows server and a Linux server. Linux servers are generally less expensive to buy and operate, more stable and more secure than Windows servers. There are many more free Open Source applications (shopping carts, forums, blogs, etc.)for the Linux servers.

10. You may also be interested to know if the web host is a green host. In todays world it is increasingly important to know if your host operates on renewable energy like wind or if they are contributing to damaging the environment.??

11. Perhaps the least important is the price, you should ensure you get value for your money by looking at all the above points and consider what other extra features you are getting such as the ability to install free scripts from the control panel (many web hosts offer hundreds of integrated free scripts), free advertising credits,free toll free number, free domain name for life etc. Is the company a relatively new or have they been around for awhile? This where it is true that cheaper does not always equal better, sometimes you get what you pay for and when your business depends on it you cant afford to loose it all over a few dollars difference.

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